I am Panagiotis Gionis and my personal website is dedicated to sharing with you updates, photos, videos and live coverage from tours and various events.

From the start of my career, I have been very close to the youth and have always been looking for new ways to inspire and motivate them. For this reason, I have come up with this website that serves to facilitate open communication and encourage young players to seek further training and education in the area of sports and sportsmanship.

In the News section, you will find mini-articles authored by me that outline some of my most memorable experiences. You will read about funny moments, but also about moments that are very close to my heart.

If you have a strong interest for table tennis, then join my world and get to know the most popular racquet sport in the world.

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Some facts about Table Tennis:

Table tennis has been around since the 1880s

Today, the sport enjoys over 850 million fans and 100 million active players, worldwide

Table tennis is notably known for its speed, agility and spectacular points.

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