World Cup 2015

15/10/2015 20:27


It's time or the LIEBHERR 2015 Men's World Cup. This year it will take place in Halmstad, Sweden, from the16th  to the 18th Oct 2015. Last year, I was chosen as the wild card for my first time playing in it, and this year I am very happy to return as one of the representatives of the European continent.

In the qualifying group stage, I am playing against, Simon Gauzy (FRA) and Jimmy Butler (USA) in the third group. Both ITT TV and LaolaTV will be transmitting live all games from the World Cup.







Alternatively, click on each link below to watch each game live.

Game 1: 13:00 (local CET) - table 2 : vs Jimmy Butler

Game 2: 15:00 (local CET) - table 1 : vs Simon Gauzy